Business reinvention isn’t always a choice, but outsourcing is.

Paula Daunt

Sep 25 2020

It has never been as safe, easy, and cost-effective to outsource IT and software development as it is today. Innovative methods of collaboration have made geographical challenges a thing of the past, helping outsourcing offshore become a must in the modern business environment. Adapting successfully to a post-Covid-19 world will determine the success or failure of your business, and outsourcing IT and software development might be the secret ingredient that increases productivity and lowers costs while adding a dynamic and creative flow to your projects. Here are a few of the many advantages outsourcing can bring you and your business.


An obvious advantage is cost-efficiency. Outsourcing achieves cost savings by reducing overheads and operating costs. This allows you to redirect funds and free in-house staff for other projects or areas of your business and eliminates the cost and effort of hiring additional staff with the required specialist skills and knowledge. Outsourcing to international partners can result in great savings, as offshore teams are often able to offer the same services or processes notably more cost-effectively than if carried out in-house.


Outsourcing can vastly expand and diversify the knowledge base of your business and give you resources and capabilities that you might otherwise not be able to access or afford. It can deliver you the expertise and experience of leading industry professionals — worldwide — in any given field, whether a specific development tool, framework, programming language, or process. You and the members of your team can benefit from the knowledge of the experts while focusing on your own core specialism.


As noted, a major benefit of outsourcing is improved focus for you and your team, with the freedom to concentrate on core tasks and develop new ideas and strategies. Your business will be able to play to its strengths and remain agile and creative while outsourcing partners take care of tasks — likely at a greater level of efficiency and quality — which could only prove a distraction and make your business more bloated and unwieldy.


Attempting to keep all production processes and tasks in-house results in added management pressure and an overall drain on efficiency, with the need to coordinate team members and processes, juggle tasks, and focus on logistical details. Outsourcing to trusted collaborators results in a more streamlined and efficient team, allowing you the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and unexpected developments in your business environment.


Outsourcing gives even a small business the opportunity to compete internationally with big players. By partnering with other companies equipped with the relevant knowledge and human resources — able to provide higher quality output more affordably — outsourcing can act as what the military calls a “force multiplier”, maximising the overall competitiveness of your business, and removing the limits on your ideas, plans and potential.

In short, outsourcing can help you adapt to changing market conditions and challenges, while providing cost savings and service level improvements, and adding flexibility, agility, and responsiveness to the mix. The ability to experiment, innovate, and reprioritize can set you apart at the critical juncture that the world is now experiencing. Business reinvention isn’t always a choice, but outsourcing is.

Written by

Muhammad Umar

Founder and CEO of Softaims

Written by

Paula Daunt