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Our Benefits

Payroll Transfer

We will transfer your payroll to whatever region you reside in.

Text issues
Legal Tax Issues

We will resolve any tax issue on behalf of you.

Medical issues
Medical Coverage

We will provide you with free medical insurance.

Space to work
Space to Work

You will have plentiful of space to work in softaims

Daily Free Snacks & Lunch

You will be provided with snacks & lunch every day.

Official Dinners & Parties

You can be part of official softaims dinners & parties.

Paid trips
Paid Trips

Softaims provide its employees free paid trips every year.

High-speed internet

We will provide you with a free blazing-fast internet connection.

Special Events

You will also be part of softaims special events.

Hire Top 1% of Remote Developers

Hire remote developers
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We don’t take commission, you know most companies take 40% - 60% of the developers salary and developers get small chunk.

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Direct Hiring

We provide 100 resumes of Pre-vetted candidates, choose best and interview them.

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Salary Transparency

You negotiate salary with your employee directly. We believe that developer should paid for what he deserve.

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Finalize your choice

After you make a final choice, you hire remote developers, and we integrate them into your project.

Hire Top Remote Developers

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Silicon Valley caliber vetting

Hire top-level professional vetted developers.

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Trusted global talent pool

Access “hidden gem” developers outside your local area.

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Hire 4x faster

Make a hire in 36 hours.

Hire remote developers

How to Get Started with Softaims

Request icon
1. Request

Describe the role and give details about your ideal candidates.

Interview icon
2. Interview

You interview candidates to hire them.

Hire icon
3. Hire

You choose who to and what to hire.

Remote team icon
4. Remote Team.

Build a remote team of your choice.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Trust Our Clients

client picture


Uk flag UK

The softaims developers team did a fantastic job helping my business grow ten fold. I have only nice things to say about them and good support goes a long way as most of us will be painfull first hand experience with them.

client picture


Usa flag USA

I had multiple projects done by the lovely softaims teams. Time was pressing, so i might not have been the most exciting client to talk

Softaims handled all my projects incredibly well. I have no complaints. On the contrary, the response time to my initial message was impressive, plus the technical understanding is beyond anything i have ever witnessed. Serious tip of the hat.

client picture


France flag France

I was in need of launching my own clothing site, then softaims provided the kind of technical and, dedicated team. I'm so happy i could cry 😘

client picture


Usa picture USA

We needed skilled developers and no downtime, which is what they have delivered. Softaims software flexibility with new ideas, reliability and transparency add tremendous value the collaboration, which is foreseen to continue.

client picture


Germany flag Germany

The reason we worked with softaims is that they were very proactive about getting information about us. Other companies moves slowly, but this company move fast which is what we liked about them.

Before we even kicked off the project we would go into lots of details. That was quit, impressive for us.

client picture


Australia flag Australia

We needed a flexible and reliable partner that could transform our idea to a reality, and Softaims turned our dream project to reality. Their software developers were skilled and proactive and they provided us with the dedicated team of engineers.

Meeting with the softaims team in Manchester, we were impressed with their approach.

client picture


Usa flag USA

We had the challenge to find out a trustworthy outsourcing company that we could rely on. Previous attempts ended badly and we needed of finding out a company that had the skills and was on a fair price.

We chose softaims because we felt that they understood our business needs.

client picture


Uk flag UK

The team's dedication and speed of work blew us away, We approached softaims with the goal of creating one of the best online retail experience in the world and i would say they exceed my expectations.

client picture


South africa flag South Africa

They delivered everything they said thay would. I am very happy with them. Softaims team could adjust to our needs and provide the services we need in a way that thay become a part of our team.

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What you want to know about is focus. Softaims makes it a point of only soliciting full-time, career-driven developers who care more about writing great code than having a margarita-fueled tan. We are not a hanging-out place for digital nomads. We are squarely in “work-from-home” territory, and we find people equipped to do it properly.

Monthly, in US Dollars, pounds, euros or whatever currency of their choosing. Bottom line: it’s up to them. Softaims has a round’-the-clock financial team connected to over a dozen worldwide payment providers and monitoring the top 25 global currencies. We do this to make sure our developers have the payment options that will let them get the best back for YOUR buck.

We offer an industry-first employee lifetime guarantee, which is to say, if your developer doesn’t work out, we find you a replacement free of charge. Other recruitment companies wash their hands a handful of months after you hire, and even before that, they are not motivated to do a good job after they got their payment. Softaims is different because we are your partners for the whole duration of the employee lifecycle, and we will be there with our proactive HR support to make sure you are never dissatisfied.

You’ll start seeing the first batch of candidates within 2-3 weeks. The full cycle will depend on your requirements for interviewing and testing, but assuming you pick a candidate from that first batch — again, that’s what happens with most of our clients — we’ll have the paperwork sorted in one week. That’s about a month, counting from our first meeting! 40% faster than the industry standard.

How much each specific developer will cost will depend on their salary expectations. In general, this is tied to their location and their level of experience. To maximize every hire’s compensation, our accounting team continuously optimizes the payment options available for each region, so every individual is compensated the way it’s the most advantageous to them. We’re committed to helping both you and your developers get the best “bang for your buck.” Softaims charges a flat fee on top of each developer’s compensation.

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