About Us

We offer sustained performance and productivity optimizations for your business. We give you access to the new generation of IT talent from Pakistan, increasing the efficiency and lowering the costs of your projects. We break complex processes into simple solutions, working with a wide range of technological skills and expertise with a high level of flexibility.

Our Mission

Softaims is working on affordable digitized reform in the world. Many startups are not even able to start purely due to expensive technology development costs. We are here to solve this problem by providing and connecting the best talent in a sustainable model. We aim to help international startups go remote with no hassle.

Why Softaims remote teams

Fulfilling the remote work surge

Fill gaps in your skillset and ensure a smooth transition to remote work by adding technically proficient, experienced and motivated remote work team members from Softaims.

10+ Years of Proven Experience

With a workforce of top engineers and experts in the latest programming languages, our remote team has a proven track record of delivering excellence across a wide variety of industry verticals.

Ensuring seamless communication

Staying updated is the key to growth. We ensure clear and consistent communication using tools like Jira and Github to provide transparency and get you timely feedback.

Cost-effective scalability

Our remote workforce model ensures that you have exactly the resources you require on your company’s payroll, but with a cost reduction of up to 50%.

Our Onboarding Process

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Share your vision and requirements with our team.

Select the Team

Work with our architects to select the best fit.

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Get Started

Satisfied? Carry on with your selected team.

Working remotely, but always connected!

Continuous Visibility

Tasks are maintained and updated regularly, and all code is stored in an online repository for you to view and track.

Constant Contact

Team members update the stakeholders regularly on the status of tasks being performed.

Agile Meetings

Daily/weekly scrums ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page.

Product Evaluation

Regular demo sessions and sprint retrospective meetings ensure that the client’s feedback is given utmost priority.